Saya pernah melihat iklan sabun mandi. Bintangnya cewek cantik. Mengenakan baju minim untuk menunjukkan khasiat si sabun yang “menghaluskan kulit”. I know that’s just another commercial advertising which I can’t accept that as a reality. What can a soap do to our skin? Only to make it cleaner and not smoother…

But then, I saw another scene. After being dressed up, the same lady then meet a handsome guy and in a sudden the guy got attracted to her. That’s just another unreality thing too. If you want to get a spouse, you don’t need to be pretty or handsome (ooorr you don’t even need the soap 😛 ). If that so, how if we don’t look pretty or handsome? Then we don’t get anyone to marry with? No way. That’s not true.

Each of us is created like what the Bible said at Kejadian  2:18:

TUHAN Allah berfirman: “Tidak baik, kalau manusia itu seorang diri saja. Aku akan menjadikan penolong baginya, yang sepadan dengan dia.”

The idea of being together, man and woman, is definitely from God. So, don’t worry, HE is preparing someone suitable for each of us in HIS time. Suitable atau sepadan berarti: pasti ada pasangannya”! Sepasang demi sepasang, istilahnya. Begitu…

The best is yet to come. So keep on believing GOD that HE will surely bring us (the woman) to the right man (or us-the man to the right woman). Don’t waste your time only by waiting for nothing, or even get frustrated then let ourselves to get involved in such meaningless relationships.


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