The Hero…

Have you ever seen a superhero like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc, becomes real and stands before your very eyes? No, no, no, no! Never will it happen! They’re not real. Too heroic to be real. Man is not perfect, no one. But… I’m gonna tell you my story…

Few years ago, when I was in primary. There was a boy friend (a friend and he is a boy) of mine at school who was really really disturbing! One day I couldn’t stand of his awful deeds and I told my father. “Tomorrow I’ll be at your school. Let me know which one!” said my father.

O yeah!! Right on time. I saw my father … at my school at recess time! He approached the boy and said… “Sekali lagi kamu ganggu anak saya, saya patahin tangan kamu!!” Muka teman saya memerah karena takut dan kesakitan. Tangannya diplintir sama Papa. Whew!! Saya agak takut (takut Papa saya dijadikan gunjingan) tapi juga senang! Sejak itu, dia betul-betul seperti tersengat listrik. So very idle. Tidak pernah lagi mengganggu saya. Dan… kedua teman baik saya juga ikut mendapat “berkat”. Mereka juga tidak lagi diganggu. Thank God!

My father … despite of all his weaknesses… he is my hero…. 🙂


About Inspirations

Hi. I am just an ordinary person who loves to write.
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