Mother’s Day is Everyday…

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I’ve never written anything about my mom before. So here I am, writing my heart out about her. 
I was born as the youngest of three girls in a family of five children. I have two younger brothers. Probably my parents expected a son after having two girls, but well…there we go, another baby girl: me!
One of my brothers has always been the nice and quiet — I’m like the opposite, the fierce one! There were so many times when my brother and I fought, my mother would blame me even for the things my brother did wrong. I cried bitterly whenever that happened because she made me feel as if she hated me. But… that was a loooong time ago. 
Ever since Christ came personally and touched each and every person’s life in the family, there are many things in my family that began to change. Everyone has become a better person in Christ. God has done so much in my family, He fixed and restored broken parts, including the past relationship that I had with my mom. 
Now whenever I think about my mom and every little thing that she does, I realize how loving she has been to me. Every morning, for instance, she happens to make a healthy breakfast for me: oatmeal+boiled egg+coffee milk. Actually, the milk wasn’t there at the first place until one morning my mom got this idea to add milk to my coffee and apparently the mix works really well for my digestive system. She got excited with that idea hahaha. Ever since then, she has never forgotten to make a small cup of coffee milk, next to my oatmeal. This may not seem like a big deal, but I see and feel the love of a mother in this simple morning routine which I can never ‘pay’ her back. 
One thing that I also realize about my relationship with my mom is that I have become more open with her. Like best friends, I could talk to her mostly about anything, including my most private thoughts. Without my mom, I don’t know how to get through tough times in a relationship that I had with a guy. Her advice helped me making wise decisions. I was never forced to take my mom’s advices or obey what she told me. But I know for sure that she will always be with me no matter what and support me in her prayers. That’s all I know. With her gentleness and patience, the areas which I am still trying to improve, my mom never fails to make me feel better. 
By the way, my family is not physically or emotionally affectionate. We barely express our feelings to each other. We don’t write cards to each other. We don’t hugs. It feels awkward to do those things, because we just don’t get used to it. So my mom probably will never read or know about this writing because I may never show it to her..I don’t know yet. I’m just…so honored to get this opportunity to write about my mom and share it with you. 
I hope that this writing will encourage and remind each and everyone of us about the unconditional love that our parents have for us. (Thanks for translating this Tina! (hug))

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Hi. I am just an ordinary person who loves to write.
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